5 free things that could help your wellness journey starting today…

5 free things that could help your wellness journey starting today…

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I never knew the holidays could be a taxing time on people until I got older. Not everyone enjoys all he eating, drinking and bad jokes at holiday parties. I get that now.

And now we have to dig ourselves out of our respective holes, with extra calories stashed around the bodies and some extra bills to pay. Well here are 5 (6 with a bonus) activities to

  1. HIIT workout: It’s basically free to workout these days, especially if you have access to a fitness tracker like mine or the internet. HIIT workouts are usually short and great for you, especially if you have a good base. Speaking of free workouts, I highly recommend Fitness Blender.
  2. Walking: I am getting old when I recommend walking for wellness. I have changed my stance on walking. It’s also accessible to everyone and no costs are incurred. You can go short and fast or long and slow. Fill your boots!
  3. Fasting: Before I switched to a fat-based diet, I seriously thought fasting was dangerous. But now it’s my secret weapon if I want to get more clarity in my mind or be firing on all cylinders. And it’s become a fun game to see how easy I can make a 3-day fast (consult your doctor before you start, ok?).
  4. Meditation: It’s not easy (trust me) but it’s free. It’s always beneficial to take a step back and insert some space in your life and I find nothing does it as efficiently as meditation.
  5. Friends: Get together with friends and do something or nothing. Studies show the bond of friends help the brain and morale, and most of my friends won’t charge me for hanging out with them. Bonus points if you get active for your body (sledding!) or your brain (trivia games!).
  6. Reading (bonus): It’s nice to get away mentally sometimes, especially when it’s snowing, windy and -25 outside. So put on the fireplace video on your TV and curl up with a good book.

I hope this helps with the January blues. It’s not easy, but the good thing is that it’s getting easier and easier to talk about it if you have a problem.

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