5 easy nudges to better health you can start now!

5 easy nudges to better health you can start now!

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Unfortunately there are no magic formulas. I know, bummer! I’m not usually this much of a Debbie Downer on Friday morning, stay with me.

Nudges have been an amazing addition to my life. They’re usually micro steps that can yield some major results. It’s all about rebuilding habits, maybe with some gamification. And trust me, they work!

(In case you want to know more about nudges, this book is pretty amazing and made me look at choices differently. I’ve also imported some of these lessons into my workouts.)

Here are some ways to nudge your way to better health:

  1. Walk some more: Park far, walk around the block or take your furry friend out. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you get the legs (and blood) moving. Even a few minutes can help your back and your brain.
  2. Cold showers: You might have heard this on the blog before, as I’m a big fan. Cold showers are great to get the blood flowing but they’re also all about getting out of your comfort zone. And you get to enjoy them after a while, trust me. All about killing a few birds with one stone!
  3. Hobby: Pick a hobby and do it often. Hobbies are great since they’re usually great for building new pathways and relaxing the active brain. It could be crochet or bridge or soccer. Just pick something you enjoy and do it daily (best) or weekly (better than nothing).
  4. Smaller portions and/or longer fast: You need time to digest. Digesting takes time and energy so be nice to your body once in a while. Studies show that eating less can be good for you for many reasons. And fasting is easy and beneficial. And gets you out of your comfort zone. And it’s free!
  5. Sleep: The more research I do, the more sleep is deemed important. It’s also fairly easy to do. Nap if you must but a regular bedtime and awake time is best. And if you need to work on your sleep hygiene, here is a cool #WellnessWednesdays episode about just that!

It’s not hard to do a bit more everyday. That’s all you can ask for. Maybe not running 10k when you don’t run.

Why not start with a walk to the store? See how easy that was!

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