You’re crazy! (Aka signing up for my first ultra marathon)

You’re crazy! (Aka signing up for my first ultra marathon)

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That’s what my friend said when I told her I was planning on doing my first ultra marathon in March.

It’s been a while since I got that reaction. I needed a bit of a break from the norm so I shook things up. And I’m pumped about this reaction. I kinda missed being called a freak…

It’s slowly sinking in. Running my first ultra. In the winter. In North Dakota, a place I know nothing about. Should be fun, or at least it should be good for a few stories. And maybe a few blog posts.

So the race is called the Extreme North Dakota Sandhills Ultra Run Experience or END-SURE for short. It’s a point-to-point race with a fast start and not much elevation. Depending on the winter, it could be snow, mud or something in between. I’ll have to go get a new pair of shoes it seems. Yay!

It’s all part of the Extreme North Dakota Series, a multi-sport series with a winter triathlon and some open water swimming. What more could you ask for?

This all got started when I met this guy Andy Magness online during the summer. Now he’s really crazy (and he’s also the race director) as he does some long-distance races on just a few hours of training per week.

I’m also looking  to mix some business with pleasure as we’re planning a ChiRunning workshop in the area as well, either in Fargo or Winnipeg. Stay tuned for details.

This is getting me pretty pumped. I went for a glorious run last night with a buddy. But I still have to be smart and bring up my mileage slowly so I don’t fall in the too much, too soon trap. But don’t be surprised if you hear from me, I might be calling some of you folks for some company on long runs.

Anyone want to join me on this adventure? Pretty please?

3 Responses to You’re crazy! (Aka signing up for my first ultra marathon)

  1. Matthew Wilcox says:

    I’m not going to sign up for the race … I think it has the potential to derail my goal of a sub-3 hour Ottawa Marathon.

    But count me in for the training runs. I’m up to a 36km long run right now, and going to try for 40km this weekend.

    • EC admin says:

      Eyes on the prize!

      Thanks for the offer, I might just do that. You might have to slow down a bit, I’m slow these days!

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