Your body: One of the most incredible things on earth…

Your body: One of the most incredible things on earth…

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I never cease to be amazed about what the body does and what it can do. Folks like my buddy Simon Donato doing self-sustained multi-day stage races all over the world and Ray Zahab’s 111-day running quest across the Sahara. Or something simple like the body healing itself after a cut or a broken bone.

It does a wonderful job keeping you alive, alerting you to dangers and helping you concentrate in those moments. It even shuts itself down when there’s a danger of real damage, that’s why you pass out when you’re exhausted or way too hot.

Unfortunately it’s not invincible. It needs some TLC, usually in terms of sleep, exercise and proper nutrition. But is that too much to ask for all that it does for you?

The body is made up of almost 2/3 water and the brain is made up of  almost 2/3 fat. Keep that in mind when you’re feeding yourself.

One of the drawbacks of the incredible body is it  hasn’t changed much over the last few hundred years when it comes to physiology and metabolism. It still thinks we might starve through the winter and it might get chased by predators for days on end. And to that effect, it’s very efficient and we end up storing excess calories as fat. Not good since we’ve become increasingly sedentary and thus

I’ve read some pretty cool books about the body and the mind recently like Bounce, Power of Habit and now Spark (book review coming soon). We’re just scratching the surface it seems.

More and more research is coming out about the body and the brain and I guess I’ll continue to be amazed. BI’m looking forward to it!

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