Yoga + running = ChiRunning

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As I was doing a lovely (but exhausting – in a good way) hot yoga class while on my recent trip out west, the words used by the teacher really drove home a point.

I’m finding it more and more that if you practice yoga and running in similar fashion, you will be very close to ChiRunning. ChiRunning is all about being aware of what you’re doing and thinking at any point in time. Isn’t that what they try to instil in yoga as well?

As the teacher talked about lifting the spine from the core and having your shoulders on top of your hips, she was singing from the same songbook as I usually do. She also mentioned driving your hips forward a few times and also focusing your gaze ahead of you. Bingo!

Another very eerie similarity is the focus on form. Yoga leaders usually start off the class by telling people it’s not about speed or the perfection of the movements but rather your intention and your breath. So true!

Another great thing I picked up from yoga is that each day is a new one and there are no two days alike. Some days you feel a gymnast (or maybe it’s just me!) and some days you feel like a stiff 90-year-old man. And you can’t judge yourself on either front.

Maybe that’s why I recommend yoga so highly, especially as a compliment to some ChiRunning…

Check out this great article in the Globe & Mail about how sitting is evil. You should stand up for a few minutes and have a read. It could really help your brain and your spine! `

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  1. CultFit says:

    Been Chi running now for almost 5 years and it’s awesome! Glad you recently found all of it’s benefits. Stay healthy…Om Namah Shivaya.

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