What is a #TweetUp?

What is a #TweetUp?

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When I tell people about one of my favourite subjects these days (tweetups), I usually get the same response: What is that?

So I thought I would answer it once and for all! Okay, maybe not but here is my version of the facts.

A tweetup is a meeting of Twitter folks. Yes, we actually meet in the same room and chat. And no, not just through our smartphones either!

When we started the Health & Fitness TweetUp late last year, all we wanted to do is get like-minded folks together. So far it’s worked wonders with two great installments already. More goodness to come!

I’ve been to a few over the past year and it’s always nice to meet folks in a different setting than online. Most of the time you start talking about the subject at hand but it always gets personal (in a good way) rather quickly. I’ve met some amazing folks at these and I still connect with them regularly.

I’ve also done some great networking at these sessions, especially since folks come together for a shared purpose. People used to meet in church and now they meet online. To me, this is just an evolution of it all…

For those in Ottawa and interested in checking one out, the next Health & Fitness TweetUp (#hftott) is on Tuesday, June 26 at Rama Lotus. See here for all the details.

There is also a tweetup for the Social Capital Conference (#SoCapOtt) coming up next week (Wed June 20) so there is no shortage these days…

Another great look at the barefoot vs shoe debate, this time on Podiatry Today. It seems everyone and their mother is getting involved.

Like I always say, as long as we’re actually talking about it, it’s all good!

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