#WellnessWednesdays Round-Up: All the good stuff from 2017

#WellnessWednesdays Round-Up: All the good stuff from 2017

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Episode #16, Jessica Kuepfer on endurance events and blogging

Episode #17, Dr. Sarah Pressman on the science of happiness

Episode #18, Dr. Brittany Moran on running injuries

Episode #19, Terri Storey about mental health

Episode #20: Monologue on relaxation

Episode #21, Andrew Scott about weight loss and challenges

Episode #22, Dr. Geoff Outerbridge on chiropractic around the world

Episode #23, Olympian Evan Dunfee on Rio2016 and LCHF

Episode #24, Jon Ruby on spiritual fitness and hitting rock bottom

Episode #25, Dre Annie Jean on foot care and training for races

Episode #26, Noel Paine on running long and short

Episode #27, Victoria Cleary on treating athletes and Olympians

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