#WellnessWednesdays episode #74: Bhante J (@bhante_j) on Buddhism and meditation

#WellnessWednesdays episode #74: Bhante J (@bhante_j) on Buddhism and meditation

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This week on #WellnessWednesdays, we have another special guest, Bhante J chatting about Buddhism and meditation.

Bhante J was born and raised in Sri Lanka and knew at a young age that service was his path. He joined the monastery at a very young age in order to continue his training. He’s been travelling to spread the gospel for the past decade. He now loves to teach meditation and other Buddhist traditions to local school kids and neighbourhood adults. We talk about his upbringing, the main tenets of the religion and what meditation means to him.

Bhnate J’s active through their website at buddhisttempleottawa.org.

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