#WellnessWednesdays episode #65: Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience) on running and journalism

#WellnessWednesdays episode #65: Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience) on running and journalism

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This week on #WellnessWednesdays, we have another special guest, Alex Hutchinson chatting about running and journalism.

I’ve been a bit fan of Alex’s work for years now, even quoting his research in many blog posts. For those who don’t know, Alex is a journalist and writer who does the Sweat Science and Jockology blurbs in various publications. He’s also an accomplished runner and holds a PhD in physics. We talk about his career and we try to answer what should come first, weights or cardio…

He also just finished a new book and we will chat about that in our upcoming Part 2 chat.

He active on Twitter and you can find most of his writing on his website.

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