#WellnessWednesdays episode #23, Olympian Evan Dunfee (@EvanDunfee) about #Rio2016 and #LCHF

#WellnessWednesdays episode #23, Olympian Evan Dunfee (@EvanDunfee) about #Rio2016 and #LCHF

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This week on #WellnessWednesdays, we chat with Olympian Evan Dunfee about his experience in Rio 2016 and his nutritional experiences.

Evan is a record-setting race walker based in British Columbia and he has represented Canada numerous times around the world.

You might remember his exploits in the Olympics in Rio where he got nudged by another competitor for a bronze medal at the end of the 50k race. His sportsmanship won him the day and a place in the hearts of most Canadians. We talk about that and much more!

You can find Evan on Twitter . You can find more about him on his website, dunfeewalks.ca.

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