#WellnessWednesdays episode #15, Kamal Ravikant (@KamalRavikant) on adventures and self love

#WellnessWednesdays episode #15, Kamal Ravikant (@KamalRavikant) on adventures and self love

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This week on #WellnessWednesdays, we chat with Kamal Ravikant on adventures and self love.

This was a big deal for me. I read Kamal’s first book (Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended On It) a few years ago and it had a profound effect on me so I reached out to him. And he agreed to come on the podcast! And this is one of the only interviews he’s done this year. Amazing!

We chat about about his books and their impact, meditation and his numerous adventures. And we also chat about business a bit but he comes from such a different place. And depression. And how his positive self talk mantra infiltrated my life, especially in long distance racing.

You can find Kamal on Twitter. He also has his biggest book yet, Rebirth, coming out on January 3. I already pre-ordered it, I can’t wait.

This is the last one before a holiday break but rest assured we will be back bigger and better in 2017!

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