Welcome to the new #WellnessWednesdays Podcast!

Welcome to the new #WellnessWednesdays Podcast!

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So I can’t really sit still… (This should not be news to you!)

I’ve been loving the podcast world these days so that got me thinking. We don’t have much great local content for wellness and fitness. I’ve also been missing doing my radio segments and media. So why not combine the two!

So I will be hosting this podcast to bring you a weekly dose of running, nutrition, mental health and mindfulness tips and tricks. The topics will vary but it will always about getting you more in a wellness state of mind.

We will feature great guests and pick their brains about what’s turning their cranks these days and what’s making them question their beliefs. What works? What doesn’t?

We will aspire to go beyond the sound bite to get in-depth and personal every week. It will be about 30 minutes of chatting and learning.

Why am doing this? Two of my biggest passions: Media and wellness. I’m also looking forward to chatting with people about this!

So without further ado, here is the first episode (a short 5 minutes), introducing the concept:



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