Update from a great weekend of teaching…

Update from a great weekend of teaching…

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What a weekend it was. And a pretty crazy week too. Short week as I head to Winnipeg then North Dakota for the big race. Wish me luck!

Anyway, I had my first workshop ever in Renfrew on Saturday and another one at the Louis Riel Dome on Sunday. Such an energy-in weekend. Two great groups. Two great afternoons.

I had this as my initial feedback from a participant in Renfrew:

Today, I enjoyed running for the first time in my life. What a feeling! Thank you for your guidance and coaching this afternoon. I feel confident and excited about going forward with this.


Does it get better than that? I love my love letters!

It seems the people of Renfrew really enjoyed my session. And I love them back, minus the cop who pulled me over on the way.

Jo-anne’s story reminds me sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch. I hope this encourages a lot of newbies or non-runners. Jo-anne said she wasn’t a runner in the intro.

It seems that people who haven’t been a runner for years take better to the ChiRunning principles. I think it probably has to do with not having running goals, taking the time to learn to run properly and most likely having less bad habits to undo.

It always makes me laugh. Oh yeah, she said she wasn’t a runner. But she was running with a grin on her face by the end of the day.

True story!

It’s not always fun and games when it comes to switching biomechanics though. Always remember the motto: Baby steps!

You can still cause damage to yourself even if you’re ChiRunning if you’re not taking it during the transition. See the blog entry on the NY Times.


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