Training Update: Getting my fitness back, one day at a time…

Training Update: Getting my fitness back, one day at a time…

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So I signed up for the Raid de la Gaspesie again this year. 4 days of torture wasn’t enough last year so we decided to do it again. At least this year we have an idea of what we’re getting ourselves into, right?

I decided earlier this month to get back on the fitness train since simply just coasting through life wasn’t doing (or my waistline) any favours. How did I get here? 275 pounds? What a wake up call! Funny how that works…

I made a few changes that are already paying off dividends:

  • Wim Hof Method: If you have not heard of this guy, look him up. He swears by deep breathing as a fix to a lot of health issues and controlling your life. I’m almost halfway through his 10-week course and it’s been pretty cool. He also includes cold showers and ice baths so I like him even more!
  • LCHF: It seems more and more research show that getting your calories from good fats helps the body and the mind. It’s only been 3 weeks but I feel better and my energy levels are up with less calories event. It’s been an evolution since I started drinking Bulletproof coffee (blended with butter and coconut oil) more than 2 years ago. Now it’s “extreme”. Haha…
  • Daily exercise:  I just try to keep on moving, at least 30 minutes per day. Sometimes it’s a hockey game, sometimes a run or sometimes a walk. I’m being active on a daily basis and I try to have fun doing it. That’s sustainable in my books.
  • Food and exercise tracking:  What gets measured, gets done. Or so they say. I can tell you that it’s pretty cool paying attention and recording what goes in your mouth on a daily basis. I think just the awareness is a huge step forward. I’m also loving the (fairly) new Basis Peak which tells me how many steps I take, my calories burned and all my sleep data.
  • Intermittent fasting: These days I’m not eating my first meal until lunch. Well unless you count a cup or two of Bulletproof Coffee as a meal. And going a day here and there without food until dinner. It gets easier everyday, it’s mostly need a mental thing for me. And it makes me more productive somehow?!?

The picture used above is not to brag, on the contrary. It’s simply used to motivate me. And who doesn’t need more motivation?

I’m also on my next ChiRunning tour with stops in Ottawa (Sun June 26), Halifax (Sun July 10) and Windsor (Sun July 17). Plans for Toronto (well, GTA) and Montreal too! I can’t wait to see some friends, old and new.

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