You put what in your morning coffee?!?

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So I started hearing about Bulletproof coffee for just over a year now. It had me intrigued as I love coffee and increasingly, healthy fats.

As a bit of a life hacker, I love getting some tips how I can easily improve my life and health. They range from the very easy (having a glass of water upon waking) to the bit harder (changing from cereal to a healthy shake in the morning). All in the name of science!

I wasn’t sold though since I wasn’t sure about butter and coconut oil in my morning java. But after reading more on it, it’s not just any kind of butter and not huge quantities. You have to get grain-fed or organic butter and some high quality cononut oil.

They provide some good fats to get your body to burn more and to extend the effects of the caffeine. It also feeds your brain (which is made up of mostly fat) and tastes pretty good blended, even my Mom enjoyed it. It’s a cheap way to make a cappuccino…

I’ve changed my diet in the past months after reading some research about the healthy effects of healthy fats. I’ve noticed being sharper in the morning and having less cravings. It could be the placebo effect but either way I’ll take it!

I’ve also changed my schedule with earlier wake times. Although I’m still not happy at getting up in the dark, this is making it a bit easier to swallow.

So you might want to give it a try. Not only is it yummy, it’s also pretty good for you and your brain!

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  1. Anna says:

    What exactly is the toxin? Please provide more details about the extraction process.

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