To run or not to run, that is the question…

To run or not to run, that is the question…

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I’m not talking about running for political office. Still too early in my career!

I’m talking when should you go out for a run and when should you maybe skip a day? Here is the way I look at it but this is a personal thing for sure.

I find running makes me feel better overall. For the most part, I feel more energized after I run then when I started. So other than sheer laziness these days, there aren’t many excuses for me not getting out. But that laziness bug, combined with the working too much bug, is a big one these days.

I skip a day when I’m really sore, either from a big workout or an injury. I’ve been reading up on this subject and I don’t want to associate pain with running so I try to avoid it. I also avoid running when I have massive head cold as the congestion seems to kill my enjoyment.

It always hasn’t been the case but I run when my back is sore or tight. Now I find running loosens it right up (so does yoga), especially after a long flight or a long drive. I’ve been told to just lay down before and I listened. No more!

I also like to run when I have a cold. I find a good cardio workout (hockey’s still the best) really clears up the lungs and dislodges the mucus. Yay, snot rockets!

When I was injured in 2005, it was recommended by one of the doctors that I never run again. It seems that science and medicine has advanced since then to even encourage physical activity (and running) for everyone unless you have an extremely serious physical ailment.

So stops you from running? Where do you draw the line?

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  1. Karen says:

    Ha! Finally someone else who shares the same ideas.
    I was told the same thing, “if it hurts, don’t move”; and that seemed very wrong to me. As a farm kid, I know if you leave machinery just sitting it rusts, and then you’re really in trouble. I think of my body (for me it’s a knee that has wrecked havoc on the whole thing) that same way. My philosophy now is “be a shark”- meaning NEVER STOP MOVING. We have learned to disregard our bodies, to override pain with meds or ignore it and press on, but after I started listening, it got much better. And easier.
    Ditto for the colds! I have found that doing something, as counter-intuitive as it may seem to those of use who were told to ‘lay down’, really works better than Nyquil. :D

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