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I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out and picking the brain of Luke MacDonald of the renowned Aerobics First in Halifax so I thought I would share some of his wisdom with you.

Here are his top four tips when you’re looking for a shoe:

1) Fit: You want to make sure the shoe fits the shape and size of your foot. Sound simple? Luke mentions that most people have shoes that are too small and runners are some of the worse!

2) Personality: He mentions that your running shoes should match your personality. Are you curious? Risk averse? Train differently? How you answer those questions should be reflected in the shoe you pick (and yes, colour matters!).

3) Goals: Goals should come into the equation when looking for shoes. Are you a casual runner? Looking for a marathon PB? Speed and distance make a difference to a proper shoe fitter.

4) Ability: How is your ability to run well, or with a high skill level? Luke uses the treadmill test at Aerobics First so he can see your running form and cadence. And then recommends an appropriate shoe for your current running skill level.

And one of the many things we agree on is the gradual progress. One of the many reasons I send all my Atlantic Canada clients to him is that he wants the same thing as me: to enhance the joy of running!

Thank you Luke!

Luke has been running around Halifax since 1974 and selling shoes since 1980. Currently, Luke is a partner in Aerobics First on Quinpool Road, which turned 32 this past May. Luke is the CSF, Chief Shoe Fitter and community out reach guy. He is also the President of the Independent Running Retailers of Canada.

5 Responses to Tips from a professional running shoe fitter…

  1. Eric, I’ve started running and I find that I’m starting to get shin splints. No major pain, but I’m only doing 5K. I want to make sure I can get up to 10K without any problems. Would shin splints be the result of bad/ill-fitted shoes or my form and the way I plant my foot?

    • ecinc says:

      Thanks for reaching out on here. From my experience, shin splints are from form, specifically holding tension in your foot and holding your toes up. I would suggest you completely relax the foot when you’re running, and not think about where it lands. If you have the proper posture, a high cadence (close to 180) and your legs are relaxed, you will land correctly!
      Hope this helps,

  2. Wade Mellenthin says:

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