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What a wonderful weekend for training! I got some good runs and a great bike after a few good swims this week. It really helps to have amazing training weather, especially in the spring. Tremblant 70.3 here I come!

I’ve come across some great stuff on the inter-web recently so I thought I would share.

It seems jogging and running is good for you and can even add a few years to your life expectancy. A new Danish study suggests running regularly could add six years to your life.  See here for the link to an article on the study.

Fellow ChiRunning instructor Mike Stashin recently authored a blog entry on how ChiRunning can help you with hills. See the link for a great post on his IRun blog that might actually make you enjoy various terrain!

Last but not least, I’m heading back to Windsor at the end of May. I will be doing a free talk on my top 5 tips to stay injury free while running after the Running Miles registration and an Intro to ChiRunning workshop on the Saturday.

See the poster for all the details!

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