The spring will come, right?

The spring will come, right?

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I know most of you are fair weather runners so this winter has not made you want to run outside very often. I braved it but now I’m starting to reconsider my stance…

Isn’t the spring a better time for everything? We can cycle outside, the opposite sex is wearing less most days and there’s different feel and smell in the air!

We’re not sure if it will come this year with what seems like one of the harshest winters in recent memory. And today rain that won’t stop? Are you sure you don’t want to go running in this?

I haven’t run all week due to some virus that wiped me out so it hasn’t made it easier. And now I’m behind a few runs on my #150in150 challenge. The good thing is all the hard work you put in now will come back to help down the road. Don’t they say that adversity builds character? And something about it’s always darkest before it’s light again?

Trust me, this week I need the pep talk as much as the next person. This virus/bug/cold has been the most vicious I’ve seen in a while and it’s zapped my energy and my drive. Let’s hope I get my mojo back for tomorrow night’s big Gala.

Spring puts a smile on everyone’s face. You can see the grass. More people think about running and thus think about how terrible they are at running and how a cool workshop might help. Bingo!

Don’t despair, this is the worst of the winter blahs as we will see the sun peak out and warmer weather is just around the corner. I won’t if you won’t, okay?

Stay tuned for my schedule for my next two months. And spring. And then it’s pretty much summertime! Right?

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