Some running tidbits…

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Here is a good blog post from the New York Times about running and older folks. Some good and some bad! Great stuff none the less…

Apparently you don`t lose your running economy as you age but you do get more injury-prone due to tendons and bones aging as well.

See here for a blog post from the great Blaise Dubois. This one is about a debate on footwear which occurred recently in Austin, TX with some pretty cool panelists.

It seems not everyone agrees on which shoes are best. Shocking!

By the way, he`s doing another course in Ottawa in February. Click here for all the info!


Also, a new ChiRunning offering is in the works, the Chi Marathon book.

I’m looking forward to seeing it on bookshelves but you will have to wait until on March 27, 2012.

I might have some sneak peeks before then though…

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