#SoberOctober Report

#SoberOctober Report

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So we’re already in November (where has the time gone?) so I thought I should do a quick update/report on how #SoberOctober went for me.

Did I do the challenge? Yes! Did I drink way less than usual? Yes!

Did I have a few drinks? Maybe…

So I did abstain from alcohol for probably 28 of the 31 days in October. I probably had a handful of drinks all month. I substituted a lot of those (alcohol) drinks with sparkling water or tea. Or one of my faves: Decaf coffee.

I won’t lie, it was hard at first. Whenever you “can’t” do something is probably when you wanna do it the most. And meeting up with old friends, especially international ones, seems to be hard when there is no alcohol involved. Call it social norms.

With this being my birthday month for a pretty significant milestone, I expect to take part in a few more days in November. Heck, maybe I already achieved that in the first week!

I think no booze is not sustainable for me, well at least not ideal, for the time being. But I could see it having an impact on my life (empty calories, sleep, etc) so I think monitoring it is best. A month (mostly) off is a nice way to reset the norm so I’ve very glad I did it.

November is going to be a bit boozier than October. I hope to get a bit more balance in December. And who knows, maybe a sober January?

How was your #SoberOctober?

P.S. On a somewhat related note, I’m totally digging the Joe Rogan podcast. I won’t lie, that’s partly where I got the inspiration for

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