So you wanna be a runner?

So you wanna be a runner?

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I get a lot of people that ask me questions about running, especially racing. It’s funny because I barely race anymore.

For me these days, it’s all about getting out there and being active. The running I do is to feed my brain, get sweaty and catch some vitamin D. I’ve also been doing a lot more sprinting to get the muscles firing and do some good cardio at the same time. It’s pretty exhilarating and time efficient.

The only question I get people to answer about running is why. Why are you doing? What are your goals?

If it’s about weight loss, it might not be best. If it’s to build discipline, then yes. If it’s for a weekly catch up with friends? Yes too. If it’s the best way you’ve found to get rid of your hamster brain? Fill your boots!

I used to want to become a better runner and/or triathlete. Now, it’s all about becoming a better athlete. I do that mostly with tons of variety (hockey, softball, hiking, weights, etc) and some yoga/meditation/breathing stuff. I look for it to extend my active years, stay healthy and  pure enjoyment. I still these days run but occasionally, see the reasons above.

If you’re #1 athletic goal is to get a running PB then running more is for you. But if you’re running to get in shape or to lose weight, it might not be the best use of your time.

I know I shouldn’t be saying this as a (long distance) running coach. To be candid, I’ve changed my stance on running with the reading and studying I’ve done. Loads and loads of long distance might not be best for the average person. The law of diminishing returns is definitely at play here.

So why do you wanna run?

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