So what is this Wim Hof Method you speak of?

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I’ve been experimenting with the Wim Hof Method for close to a year now. It helped me kickstart my “training” last summer. I really enjoy how it connects the entire body: Mind, body, strength, flexibility, breathing…

It basically boils down to breath work, some yoga-ish exercises and cold showers, if you want to get elementary. But there’s so much than that you get out.

I purchased the online 10-week program to get me to do different things after being exposed to Wim Hof, the Dutch Daredevil, on a podcast. Just Google him, he’s done so many cool things including hanging out in an ice bath for more than an hour and climbed big (and cold) mountains in shorts.

The breath retentions his program start with make me as calm as I’ve ever been in my life. The emphasis on the breath for that short time is also a form of meditation. And it’s really helped my flexibility.

I’ve had retentions of up to 90 seconds recently, more than anything I’ve ever experienced before starting the program. And it feels pretty darn cool after, almost like a natural high. It also gives you a program to calm yourself down in almost no time.

It’s also helped me work on getting out of your comfort zone, especially with cold. It really tests you and makes you realize where your limits are or were. Then you can blow right by them.

He also really blows your mind about cold exposure. Ever thought of taking an ice bath for 15 minutes? Or an ice cold shower for 10 minutes right before bed? I didn’t really either before the program but I can tell you they were very beneficial for health and sleep.

If you’re bored or looking to get inspired, check out the Vice documentary (link above) that looks at the man behind the Method. A few different people have tried to disprove his methods and paint Wim as a charlatan but it has yet to be successfully done.

Stay tuned, it might be another tool in my teaching arsenal! :)

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