So what goes on in your head? A race’s worth of internal dialogue…

So what goes on in your head? A race’s worth of internal dialogue…

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I often get asked about what goes on in my mind, especially in long(er) races. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions usually for me really but here is a sample of some thoughts from a recent race:

  • Wow, that’s a lot of folks, I hope I don’t finish last…
  • Coolio, let’s do this!
  • Some of these folks look very fit. Maybe they should have a burger…
  • This is fun!
  • Why did I get up early for this?
  • Beautiful day!
  • Who’s that cutie? Let’s hope she slows down a bit…
  • Wow, is he going to run with the poles all day long?
  • Nice lake, maybe I’ll go for a swim after. I forgot another pair of shorts so I guess not.
  • A lot of these people need help with their form!
  • I feel great, who needs training?
  • I should speed up
  • Let’s hope I can outrun some of these folks if a bear shows up
  • Is that guy going to wear his backpack like that all day? It hurts me just to watch him . Chafe city!
  • A nice breakie with eggs and bacon would be nice after. And coffee. Need more coffee.
  • I wonder what is going through these people’s minds?
  • Am I mid pack?
  • How many calories do you think I’m burning on this run?
  • How’s my form?
  • I’m tight in my shoulders, let’s relax that. Elbows low and back.
  • I’m so glad I got up for this!
  • It’s weird being the heaviest runner here. Maybe I should drop some weight to help with my times…
  • Are we there yet?
  • How many steps will this run bring me?
  • This HR monitor cannot be accurate…
  • I’m glad I didn’t bring any water, I feel good and light
  • I’m hungry, I could could go for a nice breakfast sandwich
  • Where did these hills come from? I don’t remember these on the way out…
  • Relax your ankles Eric
  • Why not a short walking break. No need to be a hero, I’m teaching later…
  • I should have trained for this
  • Just another half hour of ChiJogging…
  • Am I going to be late for my course later?
  • Who ordered the hills?
  • Is there coffee at the finish line?
  • Maybe I should have brought water with me
  • BACON! Or anything really…
  • Is it over already? :)

It’s not always pretty or PG13 but you asked for this!

What is the weirdest thought that went through your head during a long run/race? I’ve had some pretty good ones over the years…

2 Responses to So what goes on in your head? A race’s worth of internal dialogue…

  1. Pamela says:

    I actually can’t recall too many specific thoughts. I remember the wheels falling off during the Ottawa Half Marathon in 2008, and just being a total basketcase, and I remember closing in on the finish line during the Fall Colours half in 2007 (my first) and being totally delirious but also feeling more amazing than i ever had in my life. I remember a kid running across the raceway about 100 metres from the finish line and my head trying to formulate a sentence but being unable to do so. I also would do constant mental calculations of what percentage of the race I’d completed. You seem far more lucid than I ever have been during a race situation. :-p

    • EC admin says:

      Thanks Pam! I wasn’t “racing” much, just getting out there to enjoy the distance, hence the clarity…

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