Running update: Prep for NYC Marathon

Running update: Prep for NYC Marathon

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So I’m about 6 weeks away from the NYC Marathon. Am I looking forward to it: Yes! Am I  scared: Yes! Have I booked anything yet? No!

Well scared isn’t the right word. I know I’ll finish unless something dramatic happens. Can I come close to my PB or will I do worse time wise then my first all those years ago? Does it even matter? :)

This will be my first marathon in years and I think it’s exciting to get back on the horse. It’s good to get a bit outside of your comfort zone. I’m actually hoping to get the bug again to race long distance. New York is pretty good place to do that, right?

I picked up the activity level over the past month or so and cleaned up the diet a bit. I feel the best I have in a while. I’m still a bit heavier than I’d like and I care mostly since dragging a lot of weigh around for 42+ kilometres is not that efficient.

I’ve done a few longer runs but nothing to write home about. As some of you know, I’m not a fan of running long distances for the sake of it so switching it up is the plan.

October will be much of the same with some extra challenges thrown in for good measure. Stay tuned for those!

To be honest, I’m trusting my mental fortitude and my experience. I guess reading UltraMental: Showcasing a new way to train for endurance events on a few hours per week is rubbing off on me…

You know my motto, better be underprepared and healthy then overtrained and injured! Now I just have to get a hotel room or something…

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