Running tourism: The best way to see new cities!

Running tourism: The best way to see new cities!

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I’m just back from a great road trip to Philadelphia with some buddies and as always, I got a nice run in along the waterfront. See above for a nice view from our yacht of a nice bridge in Philly.

It made me think about all the cool cities I’ve run through over the past few years. Running (or walking) through a city is probably my favourite ways to be a tourist. You get to see the sights and sounds and really feel the city while burning calories and getting fresh air.

Here are my top 5 cities I’ve run through:

  • New York: Such an iconic city. Central Park is a gem for runners. And running the NYC marathon a few years ago was amazing. So much energy and such different vibes through the five boroughs.
  • San Francisco: I had some nice runs while I was there for work a few falls back. I think I did close to 40k over the quick 3-day trip since it was so nice (roads/sidewalks) and weather.
  • San Diego: This place has a special place in my heart since I did my ChiRunning instructors course there. And some amazing running over the 2 weeks I spent there. And perfect weather year-round. And amazing places to refuel after!
  • Vancouver: The seawall is perfect for a run any time of the day. And it’s perfect short weather all year it seems. And there’s usually rain to cool you down.
  • Halifax: One of my favourite places to run in the world is Point Pleasant Park. A definite urban oasis. The entire city is good and fairly runner friendly. And hilly.

Make sure you bring your running shoes on your next trip, so you don’t miss out on all the sounds and sights of new cities…

Where have you had some iconic runs? Care to share?

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