Run Report: Cow Bay’s Moose Run 25K

Run Report: Cow Bay’s Moose Run 25K

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When I saw this race listed, I thought it was a joke at first. The name doesn’t event start to do this race justice.

I’m also not sure if I could call this a race as it’s more of a run, especially for the bulk of the participants who use
it as a training run for Halifax’s Blue Nose Marathon in May. I did the same for my 50k.

This year it was postponed a few times due to the harsh winter and relentless snow the Halifax area has gotten. It also
become a memorial run for local coach and community fixture Cliff Matthews.

Why is it called the Moose Run you ask? Well there’s a big moose in one of the parks along the water, one of the nicest
parts of the run about 5k in. And we met at the Buffalo Club too to start off the day. Awesome!

It was one of the most beautiful courses I’ve ever done in my entire life. It also helped the weather was also excellent,
with the sun beaming and the temperature just north of zero.

It was also a cool sight as I saw a bunch of surfers out there trying to catch the waves. It’s not someone we see often in
Ottawa, especially when everything is covered in thick snow.

I wasn’t sure if I could fit this into the schedule since it was a pretty busy but I’m so glad I did. It also doubled as
hill training as it was a fairly hill course for a guy who’s used to running in Ottawa. That’s what adventures are all
about. With my hectic schedule these days, they’re not always easy to fit in but usually oh so worth it.

It was part of a pretty cool weekend overall, with some fun workshops, some catching up with friends and some good food as

What adventure did you get up to recently? What did it teach you?

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