Recent secret to my happiness? Get cooking!

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So I’ve always had a love of cooking. I think I got it from my Grandmas (they make the best soup!) since my Mom never had time to get around to it when I was a kid. That happens when you’re working full-time and trying to raise two little monsters at the same time.

That passion has only intensified in my 30’s as I find out more about food and the evils of the commercialized production of it. I also enjoy it and I find it quite therapeutic and a great activity to have music (I suggest Dean Martin) to sing along to. If I’m in a bad mood, that’s usually what I do…

I try to carve out a few hours to cook up a storm for the week, usually on the weekend. I even have a food exchange program with a friend where we we cook extra and exchange the surprises every week or so. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re single like me as it also provides some incentive to cook new things.

A few lovely by-products of cooking are that you eat healthy stuff and the fact you know how your food was made. It’s very hard to eat completely unhealthy when you’re cooking from scratch. You also build a connection to food that is hard to describe. A tomato is not just a fruit, it’s something that will nicely accent your spicy fish tacos.

Cooking takes time but I look at it as an investment. And it’s usually not as hard as you think, especially with all the technology and experts we have around.. I’ve made some pretty fancy meals for friends and I have no formal training, just some books, some videos and some YouTube videos.

If you need some inspiration to start cooking, check out the Tasty YouTube channel or better yet, watch the Cooked documentary series on Netflix. Or if you’re a geek like me, read the book by Michael Pollan.

There are also great local classes and workshops. Such a worthwhile investment…

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