Recap: SchoolBOX Fun Run for Tracy’s Hope Legacy School

Recap: SchoolBOX Fun Run for Tracy’s Hope Legacy School

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I partook (is that even a word?) in a very cool event yesterday, the SchoolBOX Fun Run for Tracy’s Hope Legacy School. As you might be aware, I’ve been involved with SchoolBOX for a few years now and I try to support them as much as I can.

Regardless, this is really what a run should be, totally grassroots. No timing chips, no clocks, no medals, no stale bagels, just pure fun. The great thing as well was the price tag. It was $20 with all the proceeds going to SchoolBOX. It’s hard to argue with that.

The event had a nice organized but low-key feel. It included some short and touching speeches and a beauty run mostly on paths through a forest, away from the hot sun.

I mostly jogged with old friends that haven’t seen for a while but then turned it up for the second half. That’s what I call negative splitting for sure. It was nice to push for a bit even if I’m not really trained and peaked. It was also nice to take in this event with my Mom, a local running legend. She was probably the oldest at the event but she made us proud as usual.

Congrats to Dina Bell-Laroche, the catalyst behind this event. Her team and leadership brought everyone together for a beautiful and inspiring morning and raised over $2500.

It’s funny to note I’ve known Dina for over a decade as we met when I worked with Swimming Canada in the early 2000’s. Small world indeed! Dina’s been a champion of SchoolBOX, bringing much needed funds and awareness to the cause. She’s also involving  many generations including the next generation, the youth soccer team she coaches.

It’s getting exciting! I will be heading to Nicaragua with my Mom in a few weeks to build another CTV Amazing People Gala school. It’s a project I’ve been working on for almost four years so it will be so cool to see the work being down there first-hand. Stay tuned for more info and photos!

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