Re-introducing #31in31 for January 2019: Who’s in?

Re-introducing #31in31 for January 2019: Who’s in?

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I’m bringing back one of my favourite challenges since I need a kick in the pants these days!

This year it will be extra fun for me since I have I want to get back out there again this spring/summer. This winter and spring will provide a good platform for a 20k/50k trail run in early May (still undecided) and maybe a triathlon this summer.

For those new to the game, #31in31 is pretty simple. Get out there for a run every day in January. For the folks around here the weather and conditions will provide some extra obstacles but it’s all part of the fun.

I really enjoyed it the last few years and I actually looked forward to it again this year. Crazy I know… It provided the extra little spark on days where I wasn’t as motivated. Gotta love the power of peer pressure!

I’ll be doing it on a low-carb approach this year, the good thing is that I’ve fat adapted so short runs are a breeze (and even more fun now).

Again, I must point out that this challenge is not ideal for a true beginner but I think most runners could do this and actually enjoy it. And it will help in staying injury free, if you look at myself and other continuous runners as examples.

I want to go 31-for-31 again in January 2019. At least 31 runs in 31 days baby!

The rules haven’t changed:

  • Run must be at least 30 minutes continuously
  • You can skip a day but then you must run on two separate occasions for at leasr 30 minutes for each session on a subsequent day
  • We keep each other accountable by posting results on FB/Twitter (use #31in31)/blogs
  • You can run on the treadmill but just do me a favour and concentrate on form if you do
  • No substitution for other sports that don’t include running
  • Everyone is a winner (and let’s see if I can get a prize or two to make it interesting!)

So who’s in this year?

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