Race report: Run Ottawa’s Saturday 5K Run Series

Race report: Run Ottawa’s Saturday 5K Run Series

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I braved the rain on Saturday morning to take part in Run Ottawa’s Saturday 5K Run Series. It turned out to be a very nice morning for a run (isn’t it always?) and by the end of the run, the rain was a very welcome addition.

The race was a nice 2-loop timed course around the Experimental Farm. I love small community races like these. I love everything about them from the cool feel to the small field to the random prizes up for grabs. The free price tag helps too!

It was nice to get out and push the pace for the first time in a long time. Since I don’t “train” much anymore it wasn’t fun and I couldn’t push myself very much. It was still much faster than I would have went on my own I presume. I also got to test how I felt racing on an empty stomach and with some Bulletproof coffee. I wasn’t hungry until I got home so I guess that’s a win.

It seems they do these the first Saturday morning of every month. I got wind of these from my friend Tania. I got to race with her and her husband and they both beat me this time. And I’m okay with that…

They won’t have one in November due to a commercial race but it comes back in December. See here for the calendar. I highly recommend it, even if it’s just to see what you got in the tank on that day!

It doesn’t hurt the good folks at Sports4 are one of the major sponsors so don’t be shy and spread the word…

Also, if you haven’t seen the latest Ottawa Citizen feature from last week on ChiRunning and my workshops, check it out here!

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