Race Report: @GOi2p Run – 23k Edition

Race Report: @GOi2p Run – 23k Edition

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Sunday morning was another beautiful morning in paradise. It also coincided with the latest edition of the i2p runs in the Gats. I love these runs as they are truly minimalist, low cost, low fuss and lots of fun. Running around through Gatineau Park is pretty cool any day of the week.

I made sure to go out easy so I didn’t suffer. A nice leisurely run to start my Sunday was just what the doctor ordered, especially since it’s less than 3 weeks until the next challenge: The Raid de la Gaspésie.

I know we’ll be going long and slow during those four days so why not train for it a little bit in advance? I know it’s not my style but why not try it?

This is the second or third year doing this run and it’s always full of fun and familiar faces. I also got to bring my mother along for this edition since she was in town.

With a slightly different course to keep us off the main roads, we got more tree cover but also a few more hills. Good and bad. The hills didn’t seem so bad until you had to face them again 20k or so into the run. Not as fun then.

I actually got to run with some of the i2p Youth Ambassadors, it was a pretty cool experience. They were from all over Canada and I got to hear the cool experiences they had while exploring and running through Greece. Not only did they provide some great conversation, the leisurely pace was also very appreciated!

The only thing is it took longer for both my Mom and I to finish and I was late for my afternoon tee time. First world problems indeed…

All in all, another great adventure and it’s one I would highly recommend for local runners. It’s low-key, not timed with some great time spent in nature. Like Nike used to say, Just Do It!

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