Race report: @GOi2p 23k Trail Run

Race report: @GOi2p 23k Trail Run

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I got asked/dared by two people to do one of the i2p trail runs and then both backed out for different reasons. Regardless, I’m very glad I went since it’s always a beauty day to get out there, especially on the trails.

One of the many nice things about this race was the minimalist approach to it all. From the venue and the course to no timing chips and the price tag. It was awesome all around since you could feel it wasn’t about the commercialization of running like a lot of races these days. And I bet it was still a good fundraising day for Impossible2Possible as well.

Speaking of minimalist, one of the drawbacks of having those shoes for trail running is that you feel all the rocks beneath your feet. And I even bruised one side of my left foot but I wouldn’t change the shoe style for more comfort. It made me feel a connection to the earth.

It was good it started early since it was warm in the open spaces. I didn’t carry any water and only small snack and I felt good, even after 2.5 hours on the course.

It was nice to see so many stalwarts of the local running community, all doing it for a different reason. It made me realize that while I teach quite a bit now, I’m kind of outside looking in at races nowadays. And I’m okay with that…

I was probably the heaviest racer out there (at 255 these days, as usual) and I’m okay with that. I actually felt good and fairly light for the run except for a few of the long hills coming back. Where did those come from?

The last time I did that route was a few years back when we went cross-country skiing into the Richard Lake Yurt for an overnight trip. The run brought back many memories and at some spots I was hoping to see some snow so I could cool down a bit!

Stay tuned for something a bit different later this week as I unveil my internal dialogue during on these races…

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  1. Jenny Kaser says:

    Eric,great to see you there! I did my longest run yet at the i2P run. Got lost a LOT. Look forward to the internal dialogue post!

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