Race report: Day before Mother’s Day Half Marathon

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So I ran the Day before Mother’s Day Half Marathon on the weekend. Maybe I should have stayed home. It wasn’t really my day…

What went well:

  1. Hydration: Most people tend to overdrink during running events and I kept that in mind. I had two cups of sports drink and a cup of water during the half and I was fine, even on a fairly hot day.
  2. No post race soreness: I did concentrate on form during the race so I wasn’t sore after. That’s one of my favourite things about ChiRunning!
  3. Worked on my tan: It was a nice morning, bright and sunny. So I worked on my tan at least. And it always helps to have pretty ladies to look at when things aren’t going your way…

What didn’t:

  1. I felt heavy: That is probably due to the fact that I am heavy (er) these days, probably 15-20 pounds heavier than my last Ironman racing weight. As research shows, body weight makes a big difference, especially in the long run. Pun intended!
  2. Pacing: Even after the races I’ve done, I’m still not a master pace. It doesn’t help that I haven’t raced in over six months (and that there were no markers) but my pacing was off. No negative split like I’m used to…
  3. Setting realistic goals: I was trying to set a personal best in the half. The last time I ran a half was three years ago so I thought I could do it with my eyes closed. Not quite, especially with minimal training.

In retrospect, I’m glad I did it as it provided a snapshot of my running fitness. It will definitely motivate me to train a bit more, especially if I want to get better results.

I should be grateful that I can just go out and run a half. And trust me, I am. I just need a bit of time to let it sink in…

Stay tuned this week for some great thoughts that came through my mind during the run! It’s a busy space these days…

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