Race report: Alive to Strive 3kg challenge

Race report: Alive to Strive 3kg challenge

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It’s nice to have fun weekends, I find it makes you way more productive during the week.

I had the pleasure of taking part in the Alive to Strive 3kg challenge where we ran 5k in weighted vests to simulate the water weight patients on dialysis retain on a daily basis. Sad but true!

Just a great event all around. Great community feel, nice course, and great post-race meal, always a plus for me. They had close to 900 participants in all the events and raised more than $10,000 for kidney charities. How awesome is that?

As for the actual race, the weather was iffy in terms of chilly and windy to begin. But it’s funny how running, especially with a weighted vest, will warm you up. And the sun really was nice.

I ended running with Councillor Mathieu Fleury, another vested participant, and we caught up most of the way. It was great to chat and find out more about what is going on with my old employer (the City of Ottawa). It was also nice to see all the runners come together for a healthy celebration of our community while helping a worthy cause.

It’s been a while since I “raced”, so it was nice to see smiling volunteers again and so awesome to see some of my ChiRunning clients out there as well. It was also very cool to be a part of a team of superstars.

The extra weight didn’t affect me as much as it probably affected some of the lighter competitors but you could definitely feel the weight, especially after the race. Extra weight does tire you out. And it probably affected my time a bit. I didn’t push all that much since I’m a bit out of racing shape so I had my own extra weight to deal with.

I would highly recommend this race as a nice local gem. I’m really hoping they ask me to take part of the challenge again. If so, challenge accepted!


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