Please sweat it out!

Please sweat it out!

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I’m not talking about sweating the small stuff in your daily life, I’m talking about health benefits of sweating in a closed space. This also applies to exercise in general but I’ve already written about that many, many times.

Since I joined the Ottawa Athletic Club for a few months to kickstart the winter, I’ve been doing a lot of sweating cycles and I had forgotten how fun (cruel I know) they could be. They’re also amazing for your glands, your muscles and your mind.

Sweating is natural and is something I aspire to do everyday. Sweating while just sitting there is very different for me but it does provide some amazing benefits for the body and the mind. It challenges you to sit there and relax your mind while the temperatures take you to a level of discomfort.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know all about my love of cold showers. When you get to them after just coming out of a hot tub or a steam room, they’re doubly fun!

These cycles make me wish I could get to the Nordik Spa more often but this is a tad more convenient and affordable.

They’re also very to do at home when you take a hot bath and throw in a few cold showers in there. Obviously the more time you spend in each, the better, up to a certain point. They’re extremely beneficial to really wake you up in the morning and so relaxing for the body right before bed.

Doesn’t it look fun? See pic above. Unfortunately the OAC doesn’t have a co-ed one. You kinda get used to being naked and sweaty with strange men though, trust me…

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