Playing Santa. In September!

Playing Santa. In September!

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Hey folks,

I hope you’re enjoying picture perfect running weather these days, even if the mornings are a tad chilly.

I’m doing another little contest, this time for the chance to win an entry to the world-famous Fall Colours races. There are two entries to win and you can pick the 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. There are even runs for the kids!

The winners will be selected following a very scientific approach, as in whatever entries tickles my fancy the most when the contest closes (next Friday, September 28).

All you have to do is comment at the bottom of this blog and tell me what motivates you to run, get up in the morning, live a healthy lifestyle, etc… We don’t need a novel, just really looking for some motivation for me and the other folks who read the blog. It is fall after all…

Unfortunately I only have entries to an Ottawa-area race but folks from around the world can still enter for fun and to show off to the rest of the crowd.

Now get to it!


Also wanted to provide a quick update on the latest instalment of the Health & Fitness TweetUp. We held it last week with sex researcher Jocelyn Wentland as our guest speaker. Very lively talk and we had a great turnout with almost 50 folks in attendance at the community room of Rama Lotus.

We also had some awesome prizes up for grabs at the TweetUp. We had some great adult fun prizes from Vivo (thank you so much!) and Lululemon’s Thea Earl won another one of the entries I’ve acquired to the Fall Colours races. You might see her as she’s always styling when she races. It’s part of her job!

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  1. Andy Coughlin says:

    Going for a run seems to kick start your brain and let you enter your own little world to think about all the wonderful things you have in your life that will be waiting for you when you are done.

  2. kim says:

    well, I suppose I can be the first to answer :) Great idea..this playin santa thing :)
    What motivates me? simple…its my therapy. After 10 years on antidepressants, and now 2 years free of them…running has done more for my sanity, sense of self, discipline and mental health than any medication ever did. I run for my mind, my body, my spirit. simple :)

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