On my way back!

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I’m a few minutes away from the wonderful town of Brockville, making my way back to Ottawa from Windsor via Via Rail. Another wonderful experience on the train, and they now have free wi-fi on all the trains. Hooray for that!

A great week in Windsor. I got some good runs in, some good golf and some great outreach. It looks like I will be making my next trip out there in mid-July for those of you that couldn’t make it to my workshop and talk this time around!

Now it’s time to get back into the routine at home and finalize the plans for the rest of May and June. Wow, time flies!

It looks like some really good running weather these days. Spring has sprung it seems. Now let’s get out there and sweat off a bit of those winter pounds!

If you think having the latest gadgets on your feet will help lower your PB, here’s a link to a recent (late Feb) article from a great writer at the Globe & Mail on technology in shoes. Have a read, very interesting stuff…

If you come across so cool fitness/running articles, send them my way so I can blog about them!

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