Now that felt good…

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I took one of my favourite yoga classes tonight at Rama Lotus, a local yoga studio. For those interested, Tania’s Yoga for Runners is a great compliment to all the training for all you runners out there.

I don’t know how she does it but she always changes things up enough to keep them fresh.  And she hits all the right spots! I love the emphasis on the hamstrings, core and stretching. Those aspects are usually the first ones to go out the window for busy runners. Myself included!

Every time I leave Tania’s class, or any yoga class for that matter, I keep asking myself why I don’t do it more often. Well after taking Mark Laham’s advice, I’ve recently started to incorporate 20 minutes of yoga a few times per week with my other activities. Those sessions really help me get back to my happy place and get rid of any tightness I may hold.

I love doing yoga as I find it really works on the mind and helps me connect with my body. Since I started doing ChiRunning, I haven’t needed it as much as I used since I’m way more gentle to my body but it’s always nice to know that it’s there. And it feels so good!

Now I gotta go get ready for a standing-room-only talk on ChiRunning at Heritage Canada tomorrow. It will be a quick lunch and learn type of presentation. Completely booked and a waiting list too! It must be close to spring. But don’t worry folks, it seems they’re videotaping the session for those who will miss it! ;)

And yes I do talks on fitness and ChiRunning to corporate groups if you ask nicely…

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