Next challenge: Alive to Strive’s 5k/3 kg Challenge

Next challenge: Alive to Strive’s 5k/3 kg Challenge

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A new month, a new challenge!

With recent end of the #150in150 challenge (a recap will be published this week), I needed a new challenge to keep me going. I almost feel like an adrenaline junkie these days. But it’s a good kind of addiction right?

I was asked to join Alive to Strive’s 5k/3 kg Challenge as part of all the races happening on Sunday, April 27. I’m excited to do this since it will be fun to run with such distinguished guests. You have Amazing Race Canada participants, media personalities, Councillors and Paralympic champions!

The Alive to Strive Race is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of kidney disease and educate the public about kidney health. It provides a fun and supportive opportunity for those living with kidney disease and anyone else, no matter what their fitness level, to train and reach their fitness goals.

I met the founder Marie-Eve at the inaugural Amazing People Gala. Her story was very inspiring and she’s a rock of a person. She’s a kind soul as she helped us on the last edition of the Gala. She’s a pleasure to be around so when she asked, it was a no-brainer for me. Sign me up!

The 3kg (about 7 pounds) vests we will be running with represent an average accumulation of body fluid between dialysis treatments. Crazy stuff for those living on dialysis everyday like Marie-Eve so it’s the least I can do.

Join us and rally for the cause of kidney health, in support of people on dialysis. Come out for a walk, a run or simply to cheer on the other runners on April 27, 2014 at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. I hope to see you out there!

I also joined a 21-day burpee challenge for April. Partly because I suck at burpees and partly because of why the hell not?

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