My recent @IsoSpaFloat experience…

My recent @IsoSpaFloat experience…

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So most of you know I’ll try anything twice, especially when it comes to wellness.

Ever heard of sensory deprivation therapy? Or floating? Well you should! It’s another trend coming from our friends in California that’s getting quite popular all over the world. I heard about it a few years ago but there were no facilities in Ottawa. And now we have two!

So basically you soak your carcass in Epsom salts for a while (usually an hour). In a capsule. In the dark. With no noises. Sound scary? Well it kinda is but then you start to relax, it’s quite magical. To be honest I have yet to completely relax but it’s getting easier by the session.

I was getting close in my last session but there was constructing next door and the intermittent noise knocked me out of my flow. A work in progress I guess.

The thing I love about floating is the mind and body connection. And the fact you’re left alone with your monkey brain. Scary but it can also be amazing.

I won’t lie, it takes a while to get used to the idea of sticking your entire body in a capsule. But you control it all and the lid is adjustable so you don’t have to close it all the way. I don’t actually since it makes it a bit cooler and I run hawt…

Also, a heads-up, don’t get the stuff in your eyes! You’ll cry more than a teen at a Justin Bieber concert. Not fun. But then again it all comes out in the wash as my old high school business teacher used to say.

It’s such a nice break from our constant bombarding of information, emails and notification. You just float there with nothing to do or think about. You leave the capsule feeling refreshed and so zen. Kinda like a yoga high on steroids.

It also helps that the facilities at IsoSpa are first class. Brand new, spacious digs and quality equipment make it way more welcoming. If only I knew some PR folks so we could get these guys more traffic?!?

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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