Musings from the worlds of golf, running and sleep science!

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Hey folks, here is another installment of my musings, a compilation of some cool stuff I find in my travel online and off.

First of all is the video above. Sorry about the sound, I wish it was a bit better quality, but the exercises described are very good for golfers. This will help making you feel some hip rotation, which is one of the problems I see most often on the golf course.


Here’s a great list from the Daily Runner looking at what running teaches us.

This is a great list whether you want to start running, need some motivation to get back out there or a fresh reminder of why you do it!

Here’s an article from Runner’s World looking at the link between sleep and running. If you’re a runner, you’ll know running affects sleep and vice versa!


And I don’t want to end it on a Debbie Downer note but here is a story looking at behind the scenes of some recent popular running series.

As a charity event organizer, it’s something that is fun to look at but it’s something we have to be aware. With the running event boom happening, make sure the event you’re supporting is doing what it says it would. Is it a charity or a business. I have supported both in the past, I just like to know which one I’m signing up for!

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