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First of all, thank you to Tammy and the good folks at for hosting me last weekend at GO! Fitness in Lunenburg. Great audience and great questions.

She also did a great job of chopping an hour session into seven minutes. Check out the video above for the result.

Here is a great summary of  what science is telling us about injuries. I love studies like this which helps us figure out myths and truths.

I get this all the time but there appears to be no risk that overpronation or underpronation can lead to running injuries.

Here is a good look at cramping called “Cramping my style” from

Unfortunately it has nothing with style, but what you can do to make sure you don’t get cramps when you run.

And here is some info from Dr. Greg Wells (of the scientific Olympic videos fame)  looking at running downhill.

I find running downhill is a great test of your running efficiency. If you try to fight gravity, you end up with soreness or worse yet, an injury.

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