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I’ve got an influx of cool articles and websites to share this week. First and foremost is the video above. Pretty cool advice from what research is telling us about attitude, body language and results. I used it this morning before a big meeting and felt confident. Try it before your next big meeting or race!

Here’s a great article I found on about how the workplace is the future of health and fitness. They make great arguments about how much time we spend at the office and how it’s good for employers and for more than just driving down the health benefit premiums.

Here’s an article in the Huffington Post about the effects of exercise on sleep. I love the link and I can tell you from experience there’s not much that puts me to sleep faster then a day full of exercise, maybe except wine…

Here’s an interesting look at what causes injuries. According to a recent article in Running Times, it’s all in your mind! I think there is some merit to that theory but let’s remember what science is telling us. Injuries are caused by the too- much-too-soon syndrome. So careful out there, okay?



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