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I hope you enjoyed the video. It’s old but I had a request for it this week so why not?

I had a great first brick workout of the season last night (don’t laugh) on a beautiful summer evening. I’m trying to get ready for this weekend’s National Capital Triathlon. My only goals are to have fun and hopefully beat my time from my last spring there in 2006. Let’s see if wisdom really beats youth…

Here is a nice short article in Runner’s World about some surprising ways running helps the body.

Apparently it does wonders including helping hearing and easing anxiety. Who knew?

Here’s another one from Runner’s World but a bit less serious: Some running fashion faux pas!

How many of these have you committed? I might have committed a few over the years…

If you’re a bit of a geek like me and you love the science of running, here’s a great site for you:

It’s put together by an American running coach who has a pretty good resume and  looks at a lot of different aspects of running including training programs, and form (which I like). Go and geek out!

And last but not least. Here’s a great look at minding running, courtesy of the Huffington Post. That was a bit part of the message I was trying to deliver at this week’s Running the Yoga Way workshop.

I’m obviously biased but to me it seems to be the only sustainable way to go…

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