Lessons from Camp: Part Deux!

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I’m now back from my little triathlon training camp in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

It was tough to get back to reality yesterday after having some great times all around all week long. Great weather and some decent mileage for an early season camp (over 375k on the bike, almost 40k running and a few clicks in the pool).

Some highlights included almost getting taken out by a low (and slow) flying vulture, enjoying some guilt-free food and enjoying the pristine roads of North Carolina. And oh yeah, a hot tub and a local stout is a great way to end a day of exercise. Especially after a long day playing golf…

We had a nice variety of terrains for the rides and the runs. For the rides, they mostly alternated between hilly and flat. The Pinehurst area is nice for that, a few hills (especially in the Fort Bragg area) and some decent flats. We did some runs on the road, some around a reservoir on crushed rocks and one on a sandy trail.

The nice thing about this year’s camp is that I tried to enjoy every day. It helped that I wasn’t sore after workouts. I had been to this camp a few times before and was always beat after most days. The experience acquired over the past four years helped, so did ChiRunning but I think the attitude was key. I looked forward to each workout.

I even did my first cross-country run last weekend. It was the Run for the Ribbons 5K, a local breast cancer fundraiser at the Carolina Horse Park. There was even the storied Stoneybrook Steeplechase after the race, a yearly drinking tradition disguised as a horse race from what the local sources say.

Another thing that helped is that I was with the “better” group for most of the workouts, well the rides anyway. That was a first…

Now I’m ready for some good workouts for Tremblant 70.3. Bring it!

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