Learnings from the last Health & Fitness #TweetUp featuring adventurer Simon Donato

Learnings from the last Health & Fitness #TweetUp featuring adventurer Simon Donato

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We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Simon Donato, a geologist turned adventurer and entrepreneur, at the Health & Fitness TweetUp series this week. Simon did not disappoint with a great talk complete with colourful and hilarious stories and an inspiring message.

Here are some highlights from the talk:

  • Everything is a journey: Simon chatted about how he went from a lucrative desk job to sporadic paychecks but racing all over the work while filing his TV show Boundless. (If you haven’t checked out his show, you should. It’s free and it’s even all online!)
  • Baby steps along the way: A goal doesn’t happen overnight. Patience truly is a virtue!
  • Pieces coming together: He explained how his career, him starting Adventure Science and Stoaked Oats all contributed to his goal of having his own TV show
  • How to eat an elephant: Taking sometime small calculated risks move you towards your preferred future and is a great way to chase a huge dream
  • Ability to adapt: Re-calibrating your goals, sometimes on a daily basis, is needed in this ever-changing world. As Simon pointed out, sometimes finishing a race (even in last place) is winning.

He had us incredibly inspired after the talk and had us laughing at some of his stories from racing on countless continents. We even went home with samples of his new vegan oatmeal variety. All in all a truly special evening. Thank you Simon for sharing, he truly lives up to his Twitter handle of @AdventureSimon. We’re looking forward to having him back after Season Two of Boundless!

Now it looks like we will take a break from the TweetUp for a few months but stay tuned for another great installment in
the late summer/early fall.

A big thank you to all who came out and to Tania Fréchette and Rama Lotus for hosting once again.

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