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If one of your resolutions is to get more flexible, you could do worse then using the routine above. It’s just more than 30 minutes and it really hits the hip area, which is very tight on most of us. I’ve been throwing the routine in for the past few weeks and it’s been great.

I really like having yin yoga as a complement to everything else that I do, I even did a v-log about it a while back

Here’s a good look at some winter activities for triathletes from Most of us are happy to give up the endless laps of the pool once the racing season is

I advocate to relax a bit, especially with the structured training but don’t give it all up since you have to almost start from scratch!

For you bookworms out there, here is MindBodyGreen’s list of the 7 best books of 2013.

A pretty diverse list with everything from Malcolm Gladwell to Phil Jackson…

And for you foodies, here is a great recipe for quinoa pizza bites to keep you warm (and healthy) on a cold January day.


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