Just finished my part for #WorldLitterRunWeek…

Just finished my part for #WorldLitterRunWeek…

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Warning: I might seem to be on my high horse for this post. And I might be. But at least you’ve been warned!

So my good friend Luke MacDonald from Aerobics First put up a notice on Facebook this week about it being World Litter Run Week. And since he’s always doing cool stuff, I had to look into it.

Who doesn’t love a little challenge? I love ’em! So this morning I took a grocery bag on my run. And picked up trash. And got dirty looks. And sweated with a purpose.

To be honest, it’s the least I can do for our environment. I love being outdoors and breathing in fresh air. And seeing loads of green in the scenery. And it was nice to get out and just soak in some vitamin D and give back a bit.

The sad part is I had to cut my run short since my bag got full. It wasn’t really that heavy but it was big so it definitely affected my biomechanics (here is the ChiRunning instructor speaking). The really sad part is that my bag was full of recyclable materials!

It was mostly energy drinks can and fast food wrappers. Doesn’t those things give you energy? You’d think you could then

make it to the nearest garbage can or recycling receptacle? I digress… So I got home, took in some fresh air and did some triage to put the recyclables where they belong. Thanks again to Luke for the inspiration. It got me out the door and got me to give back to our lovely planet in a minuscule way.

Now I challenge you to do the same when you’re out for your next run!

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