It was the day before the Peak Bloodroot Ultra…

It was the day before the Peak Bloodroot Ultra…

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When all thro’ the house: Nothing much. Just my mind being it’s overactive self.

I’m about to take off for Vermont with my lovely mother to do the Peak Bloodroot Ultra. I’m doing the 30 mile (about 48k) option, not as crazy as the 500 mile or 100 mile folks!

The training is done (if you call it that) and now it’s time to relax and get ready for the start line. I didn’t really look at the course map so it can be a bit of a surprise. It seems to be very similar to my old Ironman racing days…

I feel great overall. Rested and injury free. Mind mostly clear and ready for what nature and the course throws my way. It will be a roller coaster of feelings as usual. Yoga, cold/hot therapy, chiro and meditation have really helped this time.

As you probably know by now, I’d rather be undertrained then overtrained any day of the week. This will be another great example of that as my biggest volume week was probably 60-65k.

I’m looking forward to getting started and burning a few calories along the way. And seeing family at the finish line. And getting muddy a bit too.

I’m also doing this on mostly fat (with some carbs in there for good measure) and will be trying to keep the heartrate down for the most part. And just to enjoy the day.

It should be a beautiful day, maybe a tad warm for me, and it will be spent in nature. Who doesn’t love to spend a few hours (or maybe 6?) in a new forest playing around?

It was awesome as I listened to the Zach Bitter interview on the Joe Rogan Podcast on the way down. It made me feel normal for a change, as opposed to a lot of folks who think I’m fairly crazy.

Stay tuned, here’s to another great adventure!

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